Friday, July 24, 2015

10 Sentences That Will Make You a Better Parent

Parenting is tough.  Bookstore shelves (as well as my own) are filled with various books on how to do it better.  Of all that I have read on the subject, observed from other parents, and learned by sheer accident I have found these ten simple sentences to be the most important - and most effective:

1.   HUG YOUR CHILD - Daily.  Don't stop when they get older - teens need love, too.

2.   KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN - "Helicopter Parenting" may be bad but so is oblivion.  

3.   CATCH THEM DOING GOOD - Acknowledgement of good behaviour usually promotes MORE.

4.   CONSISTENCY IS KING:  It's hard - but try to stay consistent.  It breeds safety and calmness.

5.   ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS:  How you live your life is your child's greatest teacher.

6.   TALKING IS GOOD BUT LISTENING IS GREAT!  It's not what you say it's what your hear.   

7.   READ EVERY DAY.  Read to them.  Have them read to you.  Read together silently.  Just read.

8.   BE HEALTHY:  Eat good foods.  Get good sleep.  Get your body moving.  Do this daily.

9.   STRUGGLES ARE OKAY:   Not every struggle is bad - Life has struggles.  They help us grow.

10: FORGIVE:  Yourself.  Them.  Often.